Camp Shenanigans

Join us Wednesday mornings for our NEW PROGRAM at Camp for hands-on, outdoor activities to do with a group!

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  • Time

    10:00am-12:30pm: Morning’s program

  • Cost

    $3 per person (including Staff)

Current Dates for Camp Shenanigans

Camp Shenanigans is on pause for Fall 2023. Please follow our social media to get announcements on next date.

“The ladies added more fun memories to their years of fun and great experiences at Confidence Learning Center. Confidence Learning Center and the staff are a blessing in our lives!”
Ellen Wallgreen | Elmwood Home

Ready to start your adventure?

Each trip to camp may be a new and unique experience or a building block based on previous trips. We have eight unique cabins to choose from.


Feel free to contact us with questions about camping, events, volunteering or other comments.

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