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Confidence Learning Center provides year-round outdoor educational and recreational experiences

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From day camps, overnight, or even off-site programs, we have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.

Plenty to learn and experience all year-round

Confidence Learning Center offers activities year-round that promote hands on education and recreation.

A home away from home

Camp provides facilities and equipment as well as a number of program specialists and college interns to assist the groups with activities and programs. Camp has 9, fully equipped and accessible Cabins with waterfront and walking accessible paths. Numerous activity areas are available with accessible transportation provided to and from each activity. During inclement weather, groups can participate in nature study, arts and crafts, the astronomy room, or audiovisual education in the John Mariucci Lodge. Coming to Camp helps basic living skills through planning, preparing, cleanup of meals and care of campsite or cabin.

“Bill attempted to reach the top of the climbing wall year after year, but never accomplished getting to the top and ringing the bell. The year he made it and rang the bell, I will never forget. It was like time stopped. Family and friends were screaming congratulations. Staff were just as excited as the rest of us. But the BEST PART, was the SMILE AND PRIDE on Bill’s face. It took a few years, but Staff never quit encouraging him. Thank you to the staff at Confidence Learning Center for instilling a sense of self-worth in the incredible Campers they serve”

The Coomer Family

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Each trip to camp may be a new and unique experience or a building block based on previous trips. We have eight unique cabins to choose from.


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