Confident Kids 

This program is for families with children from K-8th grade with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

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  • Time

    5:00-7:30: Evening’s program

  • Cost

    $4 per person.

Current Dates for Confident Kids

May 1st: Nature Night

Do your kids enjoy learning about the plants and animals around them? Join us for the Nature Night program where your kids will be able to interact with the animals on Lake Sylvan through a Glass Bottom Boat Ride. Plus, active interpretation programs inside our Nature Center.

May 22nd: Lets Explore The Forest

Are your kids interested in learning more about orienteering and camping skills? Join our Camp Staff to learn about using a compas, hiking through our backwoods, and learning animal tracks.

June 5th: Climb to New Heights

Come reach new heights as a family by summiting our rock wall, zipping down our zipline, and making new friends with team builidng activities. 

July 10th: Weekly Science Night

As Bill Nye says, ‘Science Rules!’ Visit Confidence Learning Center where our Staff will knock your socks off with cool science experiments like: Elephant Toothpaste, Slime, Is the Jar Full! and more. Even Albert Einstein would be impressed.

August 7th: Hang Four

Our furry friends at the Animal Sacturary are excited to meet you! Jois us to learn about our different animals, and we will end the night at the beach.

June 26th: Splish and Splash Summer

Enjoy summer on Sylvan Lake with this program. Join us at Camp for lessons in canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and paddle boating.

July 24th: Shoot and Slide

Take aim for another adventure filled night as our staff help you unlock your inner archer. If you aren’t wanting to try your hand at archery, take a thrilling trip down our big slide as you race against your family and friends.

August 28th: Summer Bash

Everyone knows that the end of Summer is a bummer. Celebrate all the fun activities you have done as a family, and choose your activities on the beach. Remember your swimsuit and sunscreen!

“The ladies added more fun memories to their years of fun and great experiences at Confidence Learning Center. Confidence Learning Center and the staff are a blessing in our lives!”
Ellen Wallgreen | Elmwood Home

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