Camping info

Day Camps
Come for an hour or the entire day.

A day trip to Camp can be customized to your agenda. Day camps may be used to compliment your individual or group program or just a time to Interact in a new environment. Reservations should be made at least one week in advance. However earlier arrangements are encouraged.

Overnight Camping

Overnight camping groups are encouraged to spend two or more nights to gain the full benefits of a camping experience. Each trip to Camp may be planned as an unique experience or plan trips that build on past experiences.

Family Camping
Activities at Camp can be shared by the entire family.

Parents, grandparents and siblings can learn and become involved in the outdoors together. We do ask that the family pet be left to the care of others.

Integrated Camping

Confidence Learning Center is unique in the way that we serve both agency clients and staff to provide education and recreation. Our programs are designed to promote independence skills, self-confidence skills, and leadership skills that are beneficial for any agency. 

Special Programs

Confidence Learning Center is the host site multiple retreats and programming events not included with our typical programming. Some examples include; Camp Sertoma, Camp Journey, and Fishing Has No Boundaries. For more information, contact us or view our Calendar


Once a month Confidence Learning Center offers an educational and recreational opportunity that features a variety of themes throughout the year. Usually held on the evening of the second Thursday of the month. 

Endeavors Events

Let’s get outdoors. Come on out to camp on Thursday evenings to join us for outdoor and messy fun. 

Retreat/Meeting Space

The Great Room, overlooking Sylvan Lake, can accommodate groups 10 to 110. This spacious room boasts a grand fieldstone gas fireplace, vaulted ceiling and enough counter space for handouts and refreshments.

Environmental Education

Our Environmental Ed curriculum is designed based on our visiting group’s needs, backgrounds, understandings, and cognitive levels with special emphasis on those learners with developmental disabilities.


Through our generous supporters, members, and donors we are able to offer subsidized rates to everyone that attends Confidence Learning Center! We do not turn away groups with the inability to pay. Please contact us at 218-828-2344 to learn about our ‘Camperships’

“Confidence Learning Center is so important to the individuals we serve. It is exactly that, a learning center where individuals get to learn about nature, animals, fishing, archery, camping etc… All the Camp staff are amazing and so creative in finding new crafts and activities that all individuals can participate in no matter what level an individual is at. With Camp Confidence all individuals learn the Confidence they need to achieve their dreams and goals as there are no barriers or limitations. Activities such as zip lining, scavenger hunts, bonfires and sing-alongs with Rick and Toddy just makes Learning so much more fun! Our individuals are already asking about the next activity before the one they are at is even over.”


Ready to start your adventure?

Each trip to camp may be a new and unique experience or a building block based on previous trips. We have eight unique cabins to choose from.


Feel free to contact us with questions about camping, events, volunteering or other comments.  Form submission does not guarantee your reservation.   Please wait for a confirmation from camp.

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